International students

Our largest award is the Brock Scholars awards. These awards are automatic and open to every incoming student from anywhere in the world. To qualify, you must be entering your first undergraduate program (no previous post-secondary experience).

Brock Scholars Award grades criteria (Ontario equivalent grades) and award amounts are:

Amount of award Admission average (final grades)*
$16,000 ($4,000 first year, $4,000 renewable for 3 years**) 93.0% and above
$10,000 ($2,500 first year, $2,500 renewable for 3 years**) 90.0% – 92.9%
$6,000 ($1,500 first year, $1,500 renewable for 3 years**) 85.0% – 89.9%
$4,000 ($1,000 first year, $1,000 renewable for 3 years**) 80.0% – 84.9%

Your admission average is calculated using the prerequisites for your offered program of study. A Brock Scholars Award is offered at the time of admission and may increase or decrease if your final average changes.

** Brock Scholars awards are renewable for up to three years. Students pursuing a three-year degree will be eligible for two renewals. For complete renewal requirements and terms, please click here .

Other awards available to incoming international students 2021-2022 academic year:  

Awards Value Application instructions
Emerging Market Entrance awards (Expires after FA 2021 intake-new terms below for intake Jan 2022 and beyond) Equal to the value of the Brock Scholars awards ($1,000-$4,000) for which the student is eligible in the first year of study. Students will automatically receive the award if they are citizens of: Bangladesh, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia; Kenya; Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine or Vietnam, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Curacao, Brunei, Mexico, Mauritius and Nepal.
Emerging Market Entrance awards (*Jan 2022 intake and beyond) *$2,500 Awarded to all incoming international students. *Students will automatically receive the award if they are citizens of Colombia, Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
International Curriculum awards $1,000 Students are automatically considered if they have achieved:
• IB diploma successful completion
• AP: incoming first year undergraduate students with three AP courses with an exam score of 4 or more in each
• A-level final year average C or higher
International Ambassador Award Variable-Equal to domestic tuition (only) rates Must meet requirements. Selection by committee. Apply below.
The Caribbean International Scholarship $4,000 Awarded to two (2) 1st year undergraduate students who show academic promise and financial need. Applicable countries: Cuba; Haiti; Dominican Republic; Jamaica; Trinidad & Tobago; Guadeloupe; Martinique; Bahamas; Barbados; Saint Lucia; Curacao; Aruba; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; Grenada; Antigua and Barbuda; Dominica; Cayman Islands; Saint Kitts & Nevis; Saint Maarten; Turks & Caicos Islands; Saint Martin; British Virgin Islands; Caribbean Netherlands; Anguilla; Saint Barthelemy and Montserrat
International Education Fund $1,000-$4,000 The International Education Fund Award will be awarded annually to entering 1st year international undergraduate students. The award value will be determined by International Market Development. To be eligible, students must demonstrate academic promise. This entrance award is non-renewable. This award will only be available until the funds are exhausted. Apply below.
International Bridging Scholar Award $2,500 A total of 12 awards at $2,500 each may be given out to students coming from HELP, Taylors, CUD and Sunway, totalling $30,000. (Eligible schools list subject to change)
-awarded to a maximum of 12 students transferring to full-time studies at 全球电竞直播 from each of Taylors University College; Sunway University; HELP University; Canadian University of Dubai
- students must have completed all pre-requisites and program specific requirements outlined in pathway agreement
- $2,500 awarded if all admission requirements are met and will be applied towards tuition and mandatory fees.
- non renewable; first year of study only
- awarded to first 12 students to accept their offer in an academic year (May/Sept/Jan admission)