Student Records Policy

全球电竞直播 , collects and retains student and alumni personal information under the authority of The 全球电竞直播 Act, 1964. This information is related directly to and needed by the University for the purposes of admission, registration, graduation and other activities related to its programs, being a member of the 全球电竞直播 community and attending a public post secondary institution in the Province of Ontario.

The information will be used to admit, register and graduate students, record management achievement, issue student identification cards, and administer and operate academic, athletic, recreational, residences and other University programs.

Information on admission, registration and academic achievement may also be disclosed and used for statistical and research purposes by the University, other post-secondary educational institutions and the provincial government.

Personal information provided for admission and registration and any other information placed into the student record will be collected, protected, used, disclosed and retained in compliance with Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (R.S.O. 1990, c.F.31).

Access the Student Records Policy .

Religious observance

全球电竞直播 acknowledges the pluralistic nature of the undergraduate community such that accommodations will be made for students who, by reason of religious obligation, must miss an examination, test, assignment deadline, laboratory or other compulsory academic event.

Students requesting academic accommodation on the basis of religious obligation should make a formal, written request to their instructor(s) for alternative dates and/or means of satisfying requirements. Such requests should be made during the first two weeks of any given academic term, or as soon as possible after a need for accommodation is known to exist (i.e., posting of the examination schedule), but in no case later than the second-last week of classes in that term.

A list of religious observance days is posted at on the Interfaith Calendar website .

Student records Information

Students have the right to inspect all documents contained in their own record, with the exception of evaluations and letters of reference supplied to the University with the understanding that they be kept confidential.

Students have the right to request that erroneous information contained in their records be corrected and that recipients, of any information found to be in error, be advised of the correction.

Students wishing to inspect their record must make an appointment with an authorized official of the Office of the Registrar.

All official transcripts will be complete and unabridged. Partial transcripts cannot be issued. Transcripts issued directly to students bear the notation Issued to Student.

Documents pertaining to a student’s achievement at another institution, which may have been received by the University, will not normally be released or redirected.

Employees of the University are permitted access to information contained in student records, if they need to know the information in order to perform their official duties. As a general rule, only employees involved in some aspect of academic administration or student affairs are given access to the contents of student records.

In addition to collecting personal information for its own purposes the University collects specific and limited personal information on behalf the of 全球电竞直播 Students’ Union ( BUSU ), as well as constituent organizations authorized by them. BUSU uses this information for the purposes of membership administration, elections, annual general meetings, transit passes and its heath plan. Information is provided by the Office of the Registrar upon written request signed by an authorized officer of BUSU with the understanding that the information will not be disclosed to third parties (and returned to the Office of the Registrar when requested).

It is University policy to make a minimum of information freely available to all inquirers. The University will disclose information about students who have graduated, which is considered to be public information, as follows:

a) degree(s) obtained and the dates conferred by the University , and in most circumstances, b) scholarships and the dates awarded.

Except as specified below other information contained in the record (including current registration status and program of study) will be disclosed only with the student’s written consent. This restriction applies to requests from parents, spouses, credit bureaus, police, CSIS and immigration. Specified records or portions thereof may be provided to persons or agencies pursuant to a court order, summons or subpoena directing the University to release information; to Statistics Canada and the Ministry of Education in connection with enrolment audits; or in accordance with the requirements of duly constituted professional licensing and certification bodies.

In emergency situations involving the health and safety of an individual, or in compassionate situations, the Registrar or designate may, if it is considered to be in the best interest of the student, authorize the release of information needed to contact the student.


Current and former students can change their local and mailing address by logging into Click on the Applicant and Student Self Serve tab then click on Student Address. Edit your address and Save.

If you require assistance logging in then contact Student Records at 905 688 5550 x3099 or email .

You can change your name by providing official government documentation showing your legal name (examples include: Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Name Change Certificate) to the Office of the Registrar.

3rd floor of the Schmon Tower

By Email
Email documentation to from Brock email account

If you forgot your Student ID Number, you will need to provide the Office of the Registrar with government issued photo identification (examples include: Driver’s License, Passport) so that we can look up your record.

3rd floor of the Schmon Tower

By Mail
Office of the Registrar, 全球电竞直播
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines, ON, L2S 3A1

By Fax
905 988 5488

(Be sure to include your contact information).

First, you will need to activate your account at . Click onApplicant, New or Returning student or Alumni then enter your Student ID number and date of birth. From there you will be prompted to create a new password and security questions.

If you are having difficulty logging into and cannot remember the answer to your security questions then you should contact Student Records at: 905 688 5550 x3099. You will need to provide your student number, as well as other pertinent information to verify your account, before your account can be reactivated.

If your account is in good standing then you should be able to return to your studies at any time.

If you interrupt your studies for one or more years by not enroling in at least 1.0 credit during an academic year (May to April) then you become subject to the calendar regulations in effect at the time of your re-registration. As program requirements may have changed, we recommend that you discuss the required courses to complete your degree with an academic adviser specific to your program. Adviser contact information is online at .

You can view final grades by in . Click on the Applicant and Student Self Serve tab then click on CrsMarksInquiry.

If you believe that your posted grade is incorrect then contact Student Records in the Office of the Registrar. We will verify whether the grade on the system is the one that was submitted by the Instructor. After this, if you wish to appeal the grade then contact the Instructor. If you still have concerns after speaking with your Instructor, you should contact the Chair/Director of the Department/Centre.

You may change the course designation for cross–listed courses until the last day to withdraw from a course without academic penalty. These dates are posted on the important dates website . Send your request via email to .

For information on how your average is calculated refer to the Undergraduate Calendar under Academic Regulations, Section VI: Evaluation of Student Performance.

You are able to declare a course as extra to your degree when you change your major. If you are not making a change to your program, you will need to contact the Dean of your Faculty for approval.

The application to graduate is in . Click on the Applicant and Student Self Serve tab then click on GraduationApp. Forms are also available in the Office of the Registrar .

Deadlines are February 1 for Spring Convocation and July 2 (or next business day if falling on a holiday) for Fall Convocation. You should apply to graduate after you have registered in the last of your required courses for your degree. Prior to submitting an application for graduation, you may wish to meet with your Academic Adviser to verify whether you will meet your requirements on time.

If you are unable to attend the convocation ceremony then complete the Graduation in Absentia form. This form is available in the Office of the Registrar or can be downloaded here: Graduation in Absentia .

Complete this form if you wish your diploma/certificate mailed to you after the ceremony or if you intend to pick up the diploma yourself. Alternatively, you may designate someone else to pick it up on your behalf. If you decide to have someone else pick up your diploma, you must provide him/her with a signed letter of authorization. He/she must show identification at the time of pick-up. Degrees are mailed or available for pick-up approximately one week following the convocation ceremonies.

You are able to track the status of your application to graduate in You are able to verify that your application has been received, when it has been approved, how your name will appear on your diploma and what the convocation program will list as your name and hometown. You can track the status from Received to Pending to Approved. If your application is Denied then you will see this posted with an explanation of the lacking requirements. A few weeks before the ceremony, if your application is Approved, then you will be see the date and time of your graduation ceremony.

If you owe fees to the University (i.e.: tuition, parking, library) then you will not receive your diploma until you have cleared the balance on your student account. An Alert will be posted on your application to graduate and you will not be able to track the status of your application until the outstanding fees have been paid.

Late applications to graduate are accepted, however, you will be charged an additional late application as indicated on the Intent to Graduate section of your student self-serve.

If you apply after the programs have been printed then your name will not appear in the Convocation program.

Use the Defer this Application option in your application to graduate in . The application to graduate fee is a one-time payment so your payment will be deferred with your application.

The registration system opens on a staggered scale based on total credits accumulated. You can verify the number of credits you have earned by checking your Program Status in . Once you have determined how many credits you hold, check the When to Register chart in the registration guide. This is posted online at .

Check the timetable for a complete listing of scheduled courses for an academic session. The timetable is posted in the registration guide online at .

While the registration system is open, you can register for courses in . There is a registration guide and tutorial online at with more information.

After the registration system closes online, courses can only be added manually by the Office of the Registrar. If you intend to add a course late then complete the Course Add/Withdrawal form and submit the form to the Office of the Registrar for processing. Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to obtain approval from the Instructor to add the course late and to ensure that their tuition account is in good standing. This means that both the Instructor and Financial and Administrative Services (12th Floor of Schmon Tower) must sign the form before it will be accepted for processing in the Office of the Registrar. There may also be a late registration fee for courses added manually. The form is available online at or visit the Office of the Registrar on the 3rd Floor of the Schmon Tower.

Corresponding durations are posted beside each course code in the DUR column of the timetable.

If you wish to exceed the maximum number of allowable credits in a specific session then you need to contact the Dean of your Faculty for permission. Typically, approval is only granted to students with a minimum 70 percent average.