Help shape Brock’s
first People Strategy

Brock is a community of individuals working together to serve our students, each other, the Niagara region and beyond.

In 2018 a new Institutional Strategic Plan was approved at Brock. The Plan speaks to the future of Brock University, providing a vision for Brock’s growth and development. An integral part of this growth is a focus on the people at Brock, which the Plan weaves within each strategic priority and goal.

To support Brock’s strategic plan, an institutional People Strategy is being developed.

The first of its kind at Brock, the People Strategy is a plan to help the University build a work environment that individuals want to join, where people thrive and where Brock is able to meet its goals and needs to serve our students and the community.

If you have questions about the People Strategy or the current process, please contact

Thank you for your feedback!

Beginning in May and continuing through the first half of July, member of the university community were invited to participate in a conversation about the development of the People Strategy. After more than fourteen (14) focus group sessions, eighty (80) online submissions and a number of conversations with union leadership, the time for initial consultations have come to an end.

The project team would very much like to thank all those who took the time to participate in the feedback opportunities. Your perspectives, thoughts and ideas will be a core guidepost in the development of the university’s first People Strategy. Thank you for sharing and for contributing to the future of Brock!

More consultation to come

With the feedback gathered over the last few months and the results of the environmental scan, the project team has the necessary inputs to begin creating the People Strategy, in draft. As mentioned above, the perspectives and feedback received will be a core element in the creation of the draft strategy. Once drafted though, the project will once again be looking for your input. Once completed, the draft strategy will be posted to this website for further feedback from the Brock community. Currently, it is expected that the draft strategy will be posted near mid-August, and the plan will be posted for several weeks to provide an opportunity for the Brock community to comment on it. More communication will be forthcoming when the strategy is ready to post, so please watch the Brock News and your email.