Omni is growing

Thanks to the Library’s partnership in Omni, Brock students, faculty, and staff have access to over 25.3 million physical items from 18 universities in Ontario.

To request an item in Omni, login to your library account and perform a search in the Brock University + Omni Libraries search. Omni searches across all 18 partners for that item and when it finds an available copy, you’ll be able to place a request, whether it is available at Brock or not. Omni automatically finds the item at one of our partner libraries, who will then send it to Brock, or your choice of partner library at no charge to you. You will be notified by the lending library when your item is ready for pickup and you will enjoy the same 120-day loan period.

Search Omni to find resources that support your coursework, as well as featured collections on a variety of themes.

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