Colleen MacKinnon

User Experience and 1st Year Teaching & Learning Librarian (Librarian III)

head shot of Colleen MacKinnon
Colleen MacKinnon (she/her/hers)

Library Department Team: Teaching & Learning

Office: Schmon Tower 1128
Chat: Connect on MS Teams

User Experience

As the User Experience (UX) Librarian, I work collaboratively with members across library departments on special projects that involve user engagement.  We use research methods such as usability testing, focus groups, participatory design, among others to help make evidence based decisions for design, function and engagement. In this role, I also manage the library website and work with a team of content editors across the library to ensure our website is up to date, useful and useable.

I recommend this quick read The User Experience of Libraries (Daniel Pshock), if you’re interested in learning more about this field of librarianship.

Teaching & Learning

As a member of the Teaching & Learning Department, my focus is on 1st year instruction across the curriculum.  This means I:

  • work with faculty to identify the appropriate means for integrating information literacy skills into 100 Level courses.
  • create and embed digital learning objects & assignments into the course LMS site.
  • visit individual classes as a guest speaker.
  • teach introductory research skills workshops geared to new and incoming students
  • Chair, Website Content Management Working Group
  • Member, Omni Working Group
  • Member, OCUL-CF Discovery & User Experience Committee
  • Member, Library Evidence Synthesis Working Group