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We’re here to provide you with the spaces, resources and services needed to achieve your academic goals. Flexible in-person and online supports are available to assist you whether you are on-campus or at a distance.

Explore the services and collections available to you, and for a customized experience complete our popular  Scholar Style quiz below ▼

Learn the Basics

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Watch our Need to Know video
– service points & study spots
– unique collections
– helpful contacts

What can your Librarian do for you? Watch & learn.

Time to complete: 6+ minutes.

Become a Savvy Researcher

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Meet Omni, your academic search engine in less than 3 minutes.

Level up with a 6 minute tutorial.

Or, explore the specific resources for your program .

Time to complete: 3+ minutes.

Dig in to the Archives

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Explore unique collections in the 全球电竞直播 Archives .

View collections online and take in a digital exhibit.

Create history. Contribute to the COVID-19 in Niagara Archives.

Get to know our treasures by solving online jigsaw puzzles .

Time to complete:
5+ minutes.

Get Mappy

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Find & use data in your work. Visualize it. Chart it. Map it .

Take an aerial tour of campus over 5 decades.

Plot your hometown .

Learn ArcGIS online.

Create your own story map .

Time to complete: 1+ minutes.

Tour the Makerspace

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Take a 360º tour .

Attend a workshop .

Time to complete: 5+ minutes.

Enhance your Wellness

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Explore our Wellness Page .

Relax with Library Yoga On-Demand .

Borrow games & puzzles .

Read , just for fun.

Time to complete:  2+ minutes.