Study permits and work permits

International applicants who are considering graduate studies at 全球电竞直播 should not leave for Canada until they have received an official offer of admission into a graduate program from the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Applicants should have their status cleared with the appropriate immigration authorities and ensure that they have in their possession a Student Authorization Form (study permit) issued by Canada Immigration

Upon acceptance of your offer of admission, you will be required to upload a copy of your study permit to your  Brock portal  account. Because of the time required to complete the immigration formalities and obtain the necessary documentation, applicants are advised that it may take several months from the time of admission to the receipt of a student visa or study permit/authorization. For additional information, you can refer to the office of  International Services and Programs Abroad  as well as  Citizenship and Immigration Canada .

Work while you study

Full-time students who have a valid study permit for at least six months, may be eligible as per Citizenship and Immigration Canadian (CIC), to work part-time, on or off-campus. Please refer to  Canadian Immigration  or 全球电竞直播 ,  International Services  for more information.

Family: Spouses/Partners

Spouses and common-law partners may be eligible to work in Canada while their partner is studying with a valid study permit. Employment authorization from CIC must be given in order to assume work in Canada for the duration of the spouses study permit. Please refer to  Canadian Immigration  or 全球电竞直播 ,  International Services  for more information.

Living in Canada after Graduation

There are opportunities available for international students to stay and work in Canada, and potentially immigrate, after they have graduated. Please consult  Canadian Immigration  or 全球电竞直播 ,  International Services  for further information.