People in the Centre


Professor Dan Malleck

Dan Malleck is the current Director of the Centre for Canadian Studies.  He is an internationally recognized expert in drug and alcohol regulation and prohibition. Has spoken to audiences in Canada, the United States and Europe about the challenges of regulating substances that are considered socially problematic, including cannabis, liquor, opiates, and cocaine. His first book, Try to Control Yourself: the Regulation of public drinking in post-prohibition Ontario receive the Canadian Historical association’s Clio prize for best book in Ontario history for 2012. He is currently working on a history of the development of liquor licensing in post confederation Ontario and the professionalization of pharmacy in Canada.

Part-Time Instructor

Ibrahim Berrada

Ibrahim completed his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Concentration in International Relations at Carleton University. Throughout his career in the public service, Ibrahim worked with different Members of Parliament on various national and international portfolios. Ibrahim’s most recent political role supported the Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada before returning to complete his MA in Canadian-American studies at 全球电竞直播 and State University of New York at Buffalo. Ibrahim is now pursuing his PhD at Laurentian University, exploring populist influence in a Canadian-American crossborder  context. Ibrahim is a TA and Lecturer in Canadian Studies at 全球电竞直播 and is also an adjunct professor in Sociology at Niagara University in Niagara Falls, NY.   Listen to his latest podcast “Populism and (Mis)information here .

Part-Time Instructor

Brian de Ruiter

Dr. Brian de Ruiter lectures in the Centres for Canadian Studies and Digital Humanities. His research interests include Indigenous media and video games, perceptions of the Arctic and the War of 1812. He was the recipient of the Clarke Thomson Award for Excellence in Sessional Teaching in 2018. His teaching philosophy revolves around student-centred learning while creating an engaging and comfortable environment for students. The courses he instructs include CANA 1F91, CANA 2P92 and CANA 2P92.

Part-Time Instructor

Jeff Reichheld

Jeff Reichheld is currently pursuing his doctorate in Rural Studies at the University of Guelph. His research focuses on rural identity, and he is specifically investigating barriers that prevent Canadian dairy farmers’ adoption of agri-environmental stewardship on their farms. Jeff has taught Intercultural Communications; Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse; and Digital Humanities at Brock. He is currently a writing consultant at Guelph. Alongside his research, Jeff has a small farm locally, on which he grows hops and makes maple syrup, as well as raising Canadian horses.

Part-Time Instructor

Michelle Vosburgh

Michelle Vosburgh, historian, teaches in the Canadian Studies and History departments at 全球电竞直播 and is the Archivist at the L.R. Wilson Heritage Research Archives.  She teaches CANA 1F91, CANA 3P95 and CANA 3P15 , along with Canadian and American history courses in the history department.  Her areas of  research  interest include pre-Confederation Ontario, land settlement and property history,  along with  local and public history. Her articles have appeared in published books by McGill-Queens University Press,  the St. Catharines Museum,  and journals such as Ontario History, Ontario Provincial Surveyor, and Public History.   Dr. Vosburgh is an active public speaker, sharing research and local history with a wide variety of audiences. She is a Brock graduate, having completed her B.A. (History and Geography) and B.Ed. at Brock. Her M.A. (History) and Ph.D. (History) were completed at McMaster University.  

Administrative Assistant

Elaine Aldridge-Low

Elaine is the smiling face of the Centre.  She is available to help our students and works closely with our faculty, instructors and teaching assistants.  Elaine has 20+ years of executive administrative experience with strong event management and graphic design skills.  If you have any questions, just contact Elaine and she’ll get you an answer!