Centre for Neuroscience

Welcome to the 全球电竞直播 Centre for Neuroscience, a unique transdisciplinary program.

Neuroscience, the study of behaviour and its underlying neural mechanisms, is studied in psychology, biology and other departments at many universities, but there is an increased tendency in North America and Europe to offer neuroscience as a specialized major program. The Neuroscience program combines selected courses from the disciplines of psychology, biology and kinesiology that illustrate behavioural, cellular and physiological approaches to examining the nervous system.

The program is specifically designed to permit integration of information derived experimentally from many disciplines to gain a better understanding of the relationships between nervous function and behaviour. The Neuroscience program provides information and skills necessary for careers in the health and behavioural sciences. It also provides a firm basis for graduate studies in the neurosciences and depending on choice of courses, prepares the student for entry into medicine, dentistry, chiropractic and physical or occupational therapy.

From the Brock News