Madelyn P. Law, PhD

Associate Professor, Health Sciences

Office: TH 137D
905 688 5550 x5386

Madelyn Law has an undergraduate degree in sport management (Brock’99), masters in sport psychology (Queen’s University’01) and a PhD in health administration (University of Toronto’11). Madelyn’s research focuses on the creation of high performance systems through the lens of organizational culture, change management and quality improvement. Madelyn is the founder and Director of I-EQUIP which is the Interprofessional Education for Quality Improvement Program where she engages community partners and students in the health sector to improve the quality of health services. Madelyn is also the Faculty Associate for Experiential Education (EE) at Brock where she supports Brock’s vision to advance EE in courses across the campus.

  • Experiential Education in higher education
  • Quality improvement in health organizations
  • Organizational culture and change management
  • Public health services organization and management
  • Member of the Canadian Public Health Association

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  • Applied Projects in Health Quality Improvement
  • Health Administration
  • Health Quality Improvement Special Projects

Madelyn is currently not accepting graduate students.