Psychology is the science of the brain and behaviour.

The Psychology Department at 全球电竞直播 offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

At the undergraduate level, we currently have two streams of the Honours BA in Psychology (Co-op available). The Honours BA Research stream allows students to complete an empirical research thesis in 4 th year. The Honours Comprehensive BA stream allows students to complete a wider variety of content courses and includes a data management course in 4 th year. We also offer a BA with major in Psychology (Co-op available), Pass BA in Psychology , as well as a Minor in Psychology .

At the graduate level, we offer Masters of Arts (MA) and PhD programs in three focus areas: 1) behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, 2) lifespan development, and 3) social and personality psychology.

On our website you will find information on our academic programs , newsletter , Faculty , and research labs . Sign-up to participate in one of our research studies!

Check out the video below to find out more about what studying Psychology at 全球电竞直播 is all about: