Research labs

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences aims to provide students and researchers with state-of-the-art facilities and student spaces.

We are progressive, modern and innovative.

We believe the research being conducted in our labs is relevant to you, the Niagara community and the world.

We want to have a positive impact on people’s lives which is why our researchers are dedicated to improving health across the lifespan.

Whether looking at tropical diseases, risk factors of children and youth, improving senior’s fitness or understanding how physical activity and recreation can improve our well-being, our research is innovative and cutting-edge.

Our dedicated research labs, include:

  • four behavioural/observation labs
  • seven ‘dry’ biophysical labs
  • five ‘wet’ biophysical labs, and
  • two ergonomics labs.

The research we conduct in areas like cancer, infectious diseases, bone and muscle health, environmental ergonomics, human sexuality, and more, is world-renowned.

The Roy and Lois Cairns Health and Bioscience Research Complex is advancing Canada’s science and technology infrastructure. It houses world-class work by researchers in areas like cancer, infectious diseases, and bone and muscle health. It is a hub for innovative research and knowledge transfer

Laboratory Location
Autoclave Room CRN 108
Freezer Farm CRN123
Bone & Muscle Health Centre CRN 438-447
Infectious Diseases Lab CRN 552
Laboratory Location
Epidemiology Research Lab PLZ 501E
Leave-the-Pack Behind Centre PLZ 514, 515, 516
Laboratory Location
Neuro-mechanics and Ergonomics Lab TH 141
Laboratory Location
On Ice Performance Laboratory WC 100
Outdoor Education Lab WC 171B
Laboratory Location
Exercise Intervention Lab WH 16
Environmental Ergonomics Lab WH 17
Balance and Gait Lab WH 18
Biomechanics & Motor Control Lab WH 18
Electromyography Lab WH 21
Centre for Healthy Youth Development  through Sport WH 22
Spine Biomechanics & Neuromuscular Control Lab WH 23
Data and Sample Storage Lab WH 25
Motor Skill Acquisition Lab WH 137
Human Anatomy Office WH 138
Body Composition and Consultation Lab WH 139
Human Hemodynamics Lab WH 140, 142
Health & Exercise Psychology Lab WH 141
Sympathetic Neurocirculatory Regulation Laboratory WH 143
Applied Physiology Lab WH 144
Qualitative Research Lab WH 145
Human Sexuality Lab WH 146, 148
Sport, Allyship, and Inclusion Lab WH 149

CRN=Cairns Health & Biosciences Research Complex; PLZ=Plaza; TH=Thistle; WC=Walker Complex; WH = Welch Hall

Lab Coordinators

Greig Inglis
Senior Lab Coordinator
Office: CRN 421
905 688 5550 x4667

Parthajit Mukherjee
Senior Wet-Lab Coordinator
Office: CRN 417
905 688 5550 x6635

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