The Brock-Lincoln Living Lab Launches its Official Action Plan

Blog Contributor: April Sorenson

Through the Brock-Lincoln Living Lab (BL-LL) partnership, the Town of Lincoln has now launched its official Action Plan, a summary document highlighting the main work outlined in the Brock-Lincoln Living Lab Operational Action Plan that was finalized in Fall 2019. A community action plan is a road map for implementing community change. This action plan consists of a number of concrete actions that outline the people, resources and timeframes needed to assist the Town of Lincoln in becoming a more sustainable community . This Action Plan was designed to be a simple, accessible document that summarizes the main projects being undertaken by the BL-LL in the Town of Lincoln.   

The five main projects i dentified in the Action Plan focus on the Town’s activities related to the following:  

  • A Community Hub  
  • The Economic Development Strategy  
  • The Town’s Tourism Strateg y  
  • Water for Agricultur e  
  • The Town’s Infiltration /Inflow Reduction Program  
  • A dditional project s being led by faculty members in the E SRC at 全球电竞直播 include research on the Urban Tree Canopy, the Prudhommes development project , and Niagara Adapts.    

The document is designed to be used by city officials, residents and anyone wanting to learn more about the activities of the BL-LL. For each project the document also outlines the main goals of each project, the team members involved in the different projects, specific action items and the resources needed for each project. These projects are part of a five-year trajectory of the BL-LL designed to help the Town of Lincoln become a more sustainable community. 

The Brock-Lincoln Living Lab Sustainability Action Plan is available on their website 

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