Micro-certificate in Environmental Sustainability

The Micro-certificate in Environmental Sustainability introduces students to conceptual and applied aspects of environmental sustainability.

Society faces many complex issues such as climate change, resource depletion, and pollution that require integrated, innovative solutions and the consideration of multiple perspectives. Studying environmental sustainability provides an opportunity to develop environmental awareness and fundamental skills that today’s employers seek and society needs.

Environmental Sustainability is a transdisciplinary area of study that combines economics, social and environmental sciences. It seeks to protect the natural environment and ecological health, while maintaining or improving the quality of human life through development.

The Micro-certificate in Environmental Sustainability is designed for those who already have a degree or who do not wish to pursue a degree. The program consists of required courses which introduce students to conceptual and applied aspects of environmental sustainability.

How do I obtain a micro-certificate in environmental sustainability?

The Micro-certificate in Environmental Sustainbility is awarded upon completion of the following online courses with a minimum 60 percent overall average:

  • ENSU 2P01
  • ENSU 2P02

ENSU 2P01  consists of concepts and importance of environmental sustainability. Topics may include causes for the contemporary state of the environment, manner in which human actions impact the environment, novel environmental practices, and the frontiers of environmental sustainability.

ENSU 2P02  is an introduction to the practice of environmental sustainability in a variety of fields. Topics may include sustainable agriculture, sustainable transportation, ecotourism, green energy, eco-health, corporate social responsibility and the use of geospatial technologies.

NOTE:  Both of these courses are offered online in the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer terms each year.

Pursuing the Micro-certificate

Brock students who wish to pursue the micro-certificate is required to fill out the form below. The form should be filled out and sent to ensu@brocku.ca  or via interoffice mail at Brock to Erin Daly, ESRC Co-ordinator.

NOTE: If you wish to pursue the micro-certificate and you are a NEW student to Brock, you must apply through undergraduate open studies here . Please reach out to futurestudent@brocku.ca if you have any questions or concerns.