Set up Outlook

Set up Outlook on your computer

After you’ve downloaded Outlook from Office 365, you can add your Brock email account.

1. In Outlook, choose the  File  tab.

2. Under  Account Information , choose  Add Account .

3. On the  Auto Account Setup  page, enter your name, Brock email address and password, and then choose  Next .

4. Choose  Finish .

1. On the setup page, click  Add Account .

2. Click  Exchange or Office 365  to add your Brock account.

3. Enter your account information, and click  Add Account . Please make sure you use your Brock email address for both the  E-mail address  and  User name  fields.

Set up Outlook on your phone

1. With new Android devices, the standard mail application has been replaced with Gmail.

Click on “Gmail” within your Android apps to launch the Gmail application.

Once launched, click on “Add an email address”.

2. When prompted, select “Exchange”.

3. When prompted, type in your email address.

4. When prompted, type in your password.

5. When prompted, type in the server address as “”.

6. When prompted with the “Remote security administration” prompt, click on “OK”. This prompt has been created to inform you that you have control of your device from Office 365.

7. Select the appropriate settings and click next.

8. When prompted to “Activate device administrator?”, click on “Activate.” This again allows you to control your device through Office 365. Note that if you do not want to activate your device, you cannot connect to your device through the Gmail app.

1. Click  Settings .

2. Click  Mail .

3. Click  Accounts .

4. Click  Add Account .

5. Select  Exchange .

6. Fill in your Brock CampusID  E mail  and a  Description  for the account.

7. A  Password  box will appear. Input your Brock CampusID password into the box and click  Next .

8. Toggle the on/off switch to configure which components of your account you want to sync on your phone. Click  Save  to finish adding your account to your phone.

1. On your BlackBerry BB10 device, select “Settings”.

2. On the System Settings screen, select “Accounts”.

3. Select “Add Account”.

4. Select “Email, Calendar and Contacts”.

5. When prompted, type in your email address.

6. When prompted, type in your password.

7. Input the appropriate settings and click on “done”.