AV Services Catalogue

Audio Visual Services provides the below services. External conferences can also take advantage of these services at the rates per day listed.

Equipment/Services 2018-2019

Sound System Rates Per Day
Microphone $63.00
Wireless Microphone (Lapel/Hand Held) $84.00
Portable Sound System $75.00
Cassette/CD Player $74.00
Projection Rates Per Day
Data Projector (LCD) $220.00
Data Projector (LCD) + Computer (PC) $300.00
LCD TV Cart (Laptop, DVD/VHS Player + 37" LCD TV) $100.00
E-Classroom - Full Access $300.00
Rates per day Include technician/technical assistance during regular hours.
Equipment Rates Per Day
Flipchart (includes Paper) $32.00
Projection Screen (7 foot) $32.00
Type Rates Per Day
Point to Point Call $120.00 for first hour; $75.00 for each additional hour
ISDN Bridging Based on 3rd party bridging fees
Portable Videoconference Setup $120.00 per hour + technical setup time *
Three or More Connections $25.00 per site

Videoconferencing is only available during core business hours:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
After core hours, technician time will be added to support the conference.

*Technical setup time is $70.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum.
Technician Rate Per Hour
Audio Visual, System $70.00