Sustainability is the delicate balancing act of satisfying human needs today while protecting the environment for future generations.

Our goal is to help build a vibrant, healthy, sustainable dining community at 全球电竞直播 that encourages students, faculty and staff to thrive. We make progress every day on our commitment to source responsibly, minimize waste and operate efficiently.

Responsible Sourcing: We are committed to purchasing products that are local, seasonal and responsibly grown, raised or produced within 200km of 全球电竞直播 or at minimum, within Canada in addition to humanely raised animal products, sustainably sourced seafood, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified products.

We are proud to be a campus partner supporting the Fair Trade Campus Designation .

Waste Minimization: Reducing, recycling, reusing and composting are just the beginning of our waste minimization efforts that include not only operational standards, but also community education.

Efficient Operations: From saving water and energy to optimizing transportation efficiency to reducing our impact with environmentally friendly cleaning, our day-to-day actions conserve natural resources.