General intramural rules

Fair play code

Everyone who uses our Fair Play Facility should:

  • Demonstrate respect for all individuals
  • Respect the facility in which you participate
  • Share equipment, space and facilities willingly
  • Maintain self-control at all times
  • Condemn violence and harassment in all forms
  • Always attempt to contribute to the betterment of the Brock Intramural experience

Should compete to the best of their ability within the limits of the rules. All players will:

  • Participate for the love and enjoyment of the game
  • Respect the efforts and accomplishments of your opponents
  • Respect their teammates and do their best to be a true team player
  • Respect all players, coaches/captains, officials, spectators and administrator
  • Respect and play by the rules of the game

Should maintain a supportive atmosphere that positively motivates players, coaches/captains, officials and other spectators. All spectators will:

  • Encourage players to play according to the rules
  • Refrain from negative communication with players, officials, administrators and other spectators
  • Show respect for their teams’ opponents because without them there would be no game
  • Never influence the outcome of an event or game and must never pose a distraction to players, coaches/captains and officials
  • Remain in the spectators’ section and refrain from entering the playing area at all times

Should make sure that every player has a reasonable opportunity to perform to the best of his or her ability, within the limits of the rules. All officials will:

  • Apply rules of the game with consistency, courtesy, intelligence and firmness without provoking antagonism
  • Maintain a healthy atmosphere and environment for safe competition
  • Not tolerate unacceptable conduct towards themselves, other officials, player coaches/captains and spectators
  • Maintain impartiality at all times
  • Avoid or terminate any situation that threatens the safety of the players, coaches/captains, spectators or other officials

Must act as a team leader. He or she must encourage, motivate and assist in developing players to achieve their maximum potential. All coaches/captains will:

  • Teach players to play fairly and respect the rules, officials, spectators and players
  • Work in cooperation with the officials for the benefit of the game
  • Recognize and respect the differences in their players
  • Not ridicule or degrade players for any reason
  • Encourage and reward effort, fair play, participation and commitment

Fair play is for everyone!

Failure to abide by our code of fair play will result in the review or removal of individuals/teams and privileges.

  1. Submit your team entry form and fee to the Welcome Desk during the registration time found in the Campus Recreation Brochure. In case of a league filling, teams will be accepted on a waiting list. If spots open up, the first team on the waiting list will be accepted.
  2. Only players listed on the entry form and on the team on IMLeagues may play. Additions are made by signing the roster and joining the team on IMLeagues before taking part in the game (subject to individual sport regulations). No additions may be made in the last game of the season.
  3. To be eligible for playoffs, a player must have participated in at least 2 nights of league play (3 for ice hockey.)
  4. Players may only play for one team per sport. Penalty is disqualification of individual plus forfeit of one-half of Performance Bond and points incurred in contest in which the ineligible player performed. A person may play on only one single-sex team (men’s/women’s) and one co-ed team per sport.
  5. Varsity players may not take part in intramural competition in the sport they play intercollegiately in season. No more than any combination of one current varsity or ex-varsity players from any post-secondary institution may play on the same team. Definition of ex-varsity: played within previous 2 school years (i.e. in 2010-2011 – played in ’08-’09 or ’09-’10). Exceptions are listed on individual sport rules.
  6. Varsity (and ex-varsity) players must indicate their status on the team sign-up sheet and must play in the Competitive A division.
  7. Each participant must possess: (i) a valid Brock I.D. card as a present full or part-time student, or (ii) a current Walker Complex facility membership.
  8. All participants must bring their student/membership card to each intramural game, and sign the game sheet. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. Proper athletic attire including footwear must be worn. No hats, bandannas or jewellery are allowed to be worn in games. All braces must be covered.
  10. **NEW** All participants must be registered on IMLeagues and added onto their respective team prior to the first game. IM leagues will be recording playoff eligibility; you must be on IMLeagues for a minimum of two games.
  • Five minutes will be allowed for a team or contestant to show up. After this period, a default will be called.
  • Each sport has very specific default rules. Please read sport specific rules to determine variations. Generally for sports that allow for a lesser number than required to play, both team captains must agree to play and the score stands.
  • Should a team default one game, the team will automatically lose the contest and forfeit half the Performance Bond. If a second game is defaulted, the team will forfeit the rest of their Bond and will be removed from the league. To be reinstated, ANOTHER bond must be paid.
  • Any team planning to miss a game must notify the convenor at least 48 hours in advance so that a rescheduled game may be arranged. Games will only be rescheduled due to exam conflicts.
  • Postponements due to weather are unlikely. Check with the Intramurals Office close to game time, x3742.

Grounds for protests

  • Where a team can prove the use of an ineligible player.
  • Improper application of the rules which affect the outcome of a competition.

Protests MAY NOT be registered on the basis of judgment calls or equipment used.

Procedures for protests

  • Protest must be noted on the game card at the time the problem arises. The official and opposing team captain must be notified immediately that the game being played is under protest.
  • The captain of the protesting team will have 24 hours to present a written protest to the Intramurals Office (WC 215).
  • Protest must be signed by 4 participating team members.
  • Campus Rec. will meet with convener, and officials.
  • Captain will be notified of a decision by phone.
  • A detailed written appeal and a $30 non-refundable fee must be submitted to the Intramurals Coordinator within 48 hours
  • Appeal committee will be formed
  • protester will be invited to speak to an appeal committee
  • Appeal decision is FINAL!

Officials are completely in charge of the game. All officials’ decisions are FINAL.

Officials are instructed to call the game as closely as possible. Abuse of officials WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Verbal abuse of officials will result in ejection from the game AND a minimum 1-game suspension. (Each case will be handled individually.)

Disrespect of officials includes:

  • Verbal or non-verbal insults at an official
  • Invading an official’s personal space
  • Physical abuse
  • Attempting to influence, intimidate or manipulate an official.
  • Post game confrontations with an official


  • Even if you do not agree with a call, without the officials you would not be able to participate in the Intramural Program!
  • Without the student officials we would not have an Intramural program.

Any player, who uses profane language, makes verbal threats or makes demeaning/intimidating remarks (i.e. racist comments) directed at any player or official will be assessed with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and ejected from the game/tournament. All cases of unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with by the Intramural Coordinator.

All players demonstrating unacceptable behaviour must meet with the Intramural Coordinator before they are eligible to play again.


  • A fight is defined as: one punch thrown at an opponent or an attempt to throw a punch.
  • 1st infraction: minimum automatic 3 game suspension and loss of 1/2 of teams performance
  • Striking a player or an attempt to strike a player is considered a fight (with or without a glove).
  • All unacceptable behaviour (fighting) will be dealt with by the Intramural Coordinator on a case by case basis. All players demonstrating unacceptable behaviour must meet with the Intramural Coordinator before they are eligible to play again. The captain will be automatically suspended one game as well in all sports.

Intent to injure

  • Any player deliberately attempting to injure another player will receive a minimum of a 1 year suspension from the Intramural program and forfeit Behaviour Bond

Willful facility/equipment damage

  • Player will be billed for the cost of all damages (a hold will be placed on you Brock records)
  • May be criminally charged by the police

Some sports require a behaviour bond. The purpose of this bond is to prevent unacceptable behaviour during the intramural sports season. If your team competes fairly with respect for your opponents, officials and administrators, the bond will be returned to the team in full. If your team, a member of your team, “coach/manager,” or spectators with your team displays unacceptable behaviour, your team will lose part or all of the Behaviour Bond. Decisions regarding the bond and the team’s status in the league will be handled by the Intramural Coordinator on a case-by-case basis.


Teams can only advance if they win the playoff game and earn a “0” or a positive rating. If a team does win the playoff game and earns a negative rating they will forfeit the game to the losing team. The losing team can only advance if they receive a “0” or a positive rating. If the losing team earns a negative rating, the next round of playoffs becomes a bye.

  • Excellent team sportsmanship towards opponents and officials.
  • Entire team in self-control at all times
  • No major penalties/incidents.
  • Penalties are next to none, i.e. 0 to few.
  • Team maintains a good attitude towards opponents and officials most of the game – no conflict at all.
    • Entire team in self-control for the game.
    • No major penalties/incidents.
    • Penalties are very few (lower than average)

+1 grade is given, to the team who shows up, in the case of a Default

  • Negative attitudes are limited to an individual rather than the entire team.
  • Lack of self-control is limited to individual, not the entire team.
  • No major penalties/incidents and average number of penalties.
  • Lack of respect shown towards opponents and officials. Use of profane and/or vulgar language.
  • More than one team member shows lack of self-control.
  • Major penalty (ies) and more than average number of penalties.

If an ejection has occurred the teams will automatically receive a -1.

  • Terrible team sportsmanship toward opponents and officials. Frequent use of profane and/or vulgar language, acts of verbal or physical intimidation.
  • The majority of the team shows lack of self-control and respect for opponents and/or officials.
  • Major penalties have been awarded and numerous amount of penalties.

If a fight has occurred the teams will automatically receive a -2.

A grade of n/n will be given to a team that Defaults.

Assumption of risk

By voluntarily participating in Brock’s Recreation Services programs, all participants assume risk of injury. 全球电竞直播 does not accept responsibility for injury or loss incurred by any person participating in activities organized and administered by Recreation services.

Informed consent

For programs, and Intramural sports, you will be required to read and sign the informed consent, located on your team entry form. No player will be eligible to play on an Intramural team, unless they have signed the team sheet BEFORE playing in a game.

ID Cards

  • All players must bring their current Brock student ID or Facility Membership card to each game.
  • If a player does not produce their ID, he/she will not be eligible to play.
  • If a player is caught with improper or false ID, the player will be ejected from the game.
  • All ID’s will be held for the duration of the game.

Captain’s responsibilities

  • Ensure the eligibility of team players
  • Attend meetings and pay fees and bonds
  • Pick up bonds
  • Relay schedule changes to your players
  • Inform all players of policies, procedures and rules.
  • Ensure players sign game sheet, and captain signs to verify score
  • Notify Campus Recreation if your team is going to default
  • Sign out equipment if needed
  • Insure officials are treated with respect

Sports convenor responsibilities

  • Answer question or concerns about the league
  • Clarify rules for you
  • Make you aware of schedule changes
  • Listen to recommendations and suggestions

Recommended minimum number of players

League Recommended Number of players on a team # players on at a time minimum needed to play minimum number of each gender
Soccer (outdoor) 10 5 + Goalie 4 + Goalie 2
Soccer (indoor) 9 4 + Goalie 3 + Goalie 2
Flag Football 10 6 4 2
Slow-pitch 14 10 8 3
Ultimate Frisbee (outdoor) 10 6 4 2
Ball Hockey 9 4 + Goalie 3 + Goalie 2
4’s Volleyball 6 4 4 2
Inner Tube Water Polo 9 6 4 2
European Handball 9 5 + Goalie 4 + Goalie 2
Basketball 10 5 4 2
6’s Volleyball 8 6 5 2
Soccer Baseball 12 9 7 3
Ice Hockey 12 5 + Goalie 4 + Goalie 2
Ultimate Frisbee (indoor) 10 5 4 2
Dodgeball 8 5 4 2
Tchoukball 9 6 5 2

Different levels of play

Competitive A

  • For players who are highly experienced in sport (ex varsity, Jr. hockey).

Competitive B

  • For players who have experience in sport (high school team) and wish to have a competitive yet fun experience.

Moving teams to other divisions

If you entered the wrong division:

  • The convener and captain will discuss moving to a different division

If you changed divisions:

  • Must occur no later than the end of the 2nd week of the schedule
  • Teams are moved because of not fitting into level of play (very good or very bad)
  • Decision is made by convenor, officials, and team captain.
  • Standings and point will be transferred to the new league

NOTE: The divisions offered in a league will be dependent on the number of teams entered.

League standings

  • IF there is a tie in points the team with the most wins will receive the higher seed
  • IF teams are still tied the team with the least number of defaults will receive the higher seed
  • IF teams are still tied the team with the higher Spirit of Competition average will receive the higher seed
  • IF teams are still tied they will be randomly seed

Equipment sign-out

Some equipment is available for team member to sign out from the cage, it must be returned in the same condition.

Damaged equipment costs will be billed to the player who signed out the equipment or team shirts.

To all Participants and Spectators – Please refrain from cell phone and “iPod” use during Intramural activities (including warm ups).

Varsity players

No Varsity player or student practicing consistently with a varsity team may participate in intramural competition in their sport, in-season. Team will be charged with a default – lose game and half bond.

No more than two ex-varsity/current varsity players from any post-secondary institution may register and play for the same team in their sport. Team will be charged with a default – lose game and half bond.

Definition of ex-varsity and varsity


Any player who appeared on a OUA/CIS eligibility list within the past two school years.  If you played a fall varsity sport you will no longer be considered ex-varsity two years after your season is over.  i.e. If you were a varsity player in the fall of the 2014-2015 school year you will still be considered a varsity player until the winter term (end of fall term) of the 2016-2017 school year.


Currently on an OUA/CIS eligibility list of any varsity or club team or currently practices on a regular bases with a varsity or club team.