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Welcome Desk

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woman working out in the zone fitness centre

The Zone Fitness Centre

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students playing intramural ball hockey

Intramural office

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Central Equipment Room

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Brock Recreation Staff



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Karen McAllister-Kenny

Director of Brock Recreation

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Facilities (x3377)

Brent Schulz

Facilities Manager

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Taylor Gillard

Facilities Supervisor

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James Protonentis

Facilities Supervisor

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Colin Parker

Facilities Supervisor

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Welcome Desk (x4060)

Sandra Boone

Administrative Lead

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Kayne Wignall

Welcome Desk Coordinator

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Pool & Aquatics

Nathan Murray

Aquatics Operations & Supervisor

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Margie Lizzotti

Aquatic Programs Coordinator

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Dave Ling

Varsity Swim Coach, Brock Niagara Aquatics Head Coach

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Fitness & Zone (x3009)

Amanda Gregory

Zone Manager

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Intramurals (x3742)

Megan Locker

Intramural & Community Program Lead

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Youth University (x3120)

Greg Zwiep

Program Manager

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Wes Spatazzo

Program Manager

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