Residence Curriculum

Residence Life educates students in resilience , independence and emotional intelligence in order to facilitate their achievement of healthy transitions.  The Residence Curriculum is a year-long program that is built around monthly events and workshops for residence students to engage in.

New this year, is the Residence Curriculum Engagement Certificate. The purpose of the Residence Curriculum Engagement Certificate is to recognize and award students for attending and engaging in a variety of Residence Curriculum events throughout the year. Residence students who are awarded with a Residence Curriculum Engagement Certificate will be able to put it on their resumes as evidence of engagement and learning in Residences. Engagement Certificates will be given out at Residence Awards Dinner in late March/early April.

Event Types:

  • House, Hall, Court, Block (HHCBs)
    • Bi-weekly community meetings run by Residence Dons. They are a great way to spend time with others in your community, engage in fun activities, and get to know more about what is going on in residence and on campus!
  • Campus Partner Workshops (CPWs)
    • Monthly workshops facilitated with resources on campus such as Academic Advising, Off-Campus Housing, The Hub, and Human Rights and Equity. They are a great way to connect directly with resources on campus and to learn more about how they support your success on campus!
  • Brock Talk
    • One on one conversations with your Residence Don as a way for you to get to know your don and for your don to get to know you! They are the perfect opportunity to talk through how things are going in residence, school, and beyond, and how your don can best encourage and support you in your first year!

Speak with your Dons about how to get started!

Residence Curriculum Engagement Certificate Levels

Certificate Level HHCBs CPWs Brock Talks Total
Bronze Attend 2 HHCBs per semester (a total of 4) Attend 2 CPWs Engage in 1 Brock Talk Engage in 7 out of 27 curriculum events
Silver Attend 3 HHCBs per semester (a total of 6) Attend 3 CPWs Engage in 2 Brock Talks Engage in 11 out of 27 curriculum events
Gold Attend at least 4 HHCBs per semester (a total of 8) Attend at least 4 CPWs Engage in at least 3 Brock Talks Engage in 15 out of 27 curriculum events

Residence Curriculum Event Specific Certificates

Curriculum Event Requirements
HHCBs Attend all 15 HHCBs
CPWs Attend all 8 CPWs
Brock Talks Engage in all 4 Brock Talks