The Wellness HUB

The Student Health and Wellness HUB is a space where students can drop in to chat with a Peer Health Educator about ways to improve their overall health and wellness. The Wellness Hub is located at Th134 down the Student Success hallway next to the Market Hall.

The Student Health and Wellness HUB is a space for students to retrieve information on various student health related topics such as substance use, nutrition, sleep, sexual health, mental health and wellness. We have a team of trained Peer Health Educators (PHE) who also provide peer-to-peer support for the Brock community.

The Wellness HUB also hosts various events such as free STI testing, naloxone training, mindfulness mediations, puppy room and mini massages.

Hours of Operation (updated May 2022)

The Wellness Hub Hours 

Closed for Spring/Summer term. See you in September!

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Reach Out Give Support

The Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre wants to equip all Brock students with the knowledge and ability to be able to recognize the signs that a friend or yourself might be in need of some support, REACH OUT to their friends when they notice these signs, and REACH OUT to services on or off campus to get you or your friend the correct support.