Message from the Director

In Student Life and Success, we are focused on supporting students’ development and growth- both within, and beyond, the walls of the classroom.

Our work is grounded in the literature that suggests that student engagement is reflected in the amount of time and energy that postsecondary students dedicate to activities that are associated with their learning and development and what universities do to encourage and support student’s participation in these activities (Kuh, 2009).

As a department, we provide opportunities for all Brock students to be active and involved on campus and within our surrounding communities. We will help students get off on the right foot, and will support students through challenging times that may arise. We will help to open their eyes to possibilities and guide students to get the most out of their university experience. We will help students to succeed in their academic endeavors and help them to build connections between what they learn in the classroom and the tremendous positive impact that they will have in the world.

Our hope is that because of these efforts, Brock students will grow as unique, community-minded leaders; and that, together with our students, Student Life and Success plays a key role in creating the many awesome moments that shape an exceptional Brock Student Experience.

Brad Clarke