Training and certification

Intercultural Certificates for Students

This foundational workshop certification series will equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help increase capacity to work well with culturally different people. The certification consists of three, two-hour workshops, two online modules on Linkedin Learning, and one 500-word reflection paper OR a two-minute video reflection submission that briefly explains your key learning, takeaways, and how you plan to build on the knowledge and experience you gained.

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Intercultural Professional Development Programs (IPDP)

Interested in developing a more advanced intercultural skill set through unique and customized work experience, internships and volunteer opportunities?

Then apply for one of our Intercultural Professional Development Programs (IPDP).

These specialized training streams give students the chance to hone valuable cross-cultural skills while also building their professional portfolios

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Intercultural Certificates for Staff

The Intercultural Certificate for faculty, and staff is designed to increase intercultural awareness, and facilitate a respectful, inclusive environment for working and learning.

The workshops offer faculty, and staff the opportunity to build effective solutions for some of the challenges experienced when dealing with culturally different students, and colleagues. With deeper self-awareness, respectful curiosity, and empathy built into all programming, this certification supports ongoing learning, and development. The certification includes:

Course 1 — Introduction to Intercultural awareness (2 hours, in person)

Course 2 — Intercultural competence building (2 hours, in person)

Course 3 — Unconscious bias awareness (2 hours, in person)

Online Unconscious Bias course on (1 hour online, completion receipt required)

The certificate supports Brock’s strategic priorities around internationalization as well as creating a respectful, and inclusive work culture.

To register or find out more contact Trecia McLennon at

Intercultural Assessments

Intercultural assessments can be used as a baseline, to measure programs and assess a range of global or intercultural skills. The following Intercultural Assessments can be arranged in conjunction with workshops or certificates, in-class presentations for faculty, or departmental professional development for staff: