Goodman School of Business

Brock’s Goodman School of Business is a globally oriented and community dedicated business school. Our School provides a conduit between the local and global community, generating opportunities that bring together Niagara and the world. Our programs prepare students to become tomorrow’s business leaders who are committed to doing business with purpose and are recognized by top domestic and international accreditation bodies.

From the dean

Andrew Gaudes. Dean, Goodman School of Business and Professor of Entrepreneurship at 全球电竞直播

“A core activity of our School is to provide a conduit between the local and global business community. By looking beyond the walls of our classrooms for learning, we position our students for great personal and professional fulfillment, with the skills and global perspective to benefit others.”

Andrew Gaudes

Dean, Goodman School of Business

Emerging Priorities

Student Centre revitalization

There is a significant need for a purpose-built facility dedicated to enhancing collaboration and experiential learning opportunities within the School. By supporting the renovation of a nimble, flexible facility, the School will see an increased capacity to bring together key professional and international development opportunities in a space that balances the need for private consultations and public gatherings, adapted to a range of objectives and styles. In addition, this space will provide increased student access to services and enhance opportunities for social and intellectual collaboration.

Research Scholars

Support for Goodman’s Research Scholars program is needed to fund additional opportunities for Goodman faculty to contribute to the advancement of high-quality research activity and offer a richer understanding of investigated topics to respective academic and professional communities. Investment in Goodman’s business research excellence and impact would boost the presence of Goodman faculty and students in a wider field, attracting more global partners.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential education is the connecting chain of learning for business students; students gain practical experience applying the skills and knowledge from their course content to their projects. By supporting increased experiential learning opportunities, such as our UN partnership for Goodman students, faculty and resources from the School are leveraged to create opportunities for students to work as consultants to real-life partners and find solutions with agreed upon deliverables and timelines. The opportunities we seek and provide not only transform students, but the lives of individuals in the communities where our students serve.