Academic Skills Support

Learn the most essential skills you will need for what will be the most important part of your time at university: your academic success!

Services Available

We know that it can be overwhelming to study in another country, especially if there are differences in academic expectations! Therefore, our main goal is to provide international students with the academic tools they need to be successful in Canada and at Brock! Check out all our free services below:

Live Workshops

(Eastern Time Zone)

We offer various workshops throughout the semester, focusing on academic skills support. These workshops can:

  • help you adjust to academic/work environments in Canada
  • allow you to learn new skills  for university  (i.e. Academic Integrity  and Avoiding Plagiarism )
  • expand on what  you  already know  (i.e.  Essay Writing and  Collaborating with Others )

Check out our events below or visit our ExperienceBU page to learn more about the different workshop topics available!

Recorded Workshops


Not able to attend a live workshop? No problem! We have many of our workshops pre-recorded and available to watch at any time on our Sakai site, BROCK INTL – Your Pathway to Success!

Our 1-on-1 appointments are a chance for you to explore all the academic skills that you will need as you study; from time management to presentation skills to  fine-tuning your language skills ( e.g.  writing, reading, etc.), we are here to support  and guide you!  

NOTE 1:  Only international students at Brock are eligible for this service. To book an Academic Support appointment, see our  appointment page .  

NOTE 2:  If you need help learning the content in your courses, please contact  Learning Services’s Tutoring Services or join one of Learning Services’s content specific Drop-In Academic Support Sessions  (e.g., Math, Science, etc.).   

Do you have questions about certain academic skills for your courses?

Do you want to meet with someone to talk about academic skills (e.g., time management, writing, citation, presenting, etc.), but you don’t have time to schedule an appointment? If so, come join one of our  drop-in sessions  on Microsoft Teams!  

NOTE: If you need help learning the content in your courses, please contact  Learning Services’s Tutoring Services or join one of Learning Services’s content specific Drop-In Academic Support Sessions  (e.g., Math, Science, etc.).   

As an international student, you have access to our Sakai resource site,  Brock INTL – Your Pathway to Success .

This site is a hub of resources and information with all the essential information you will need to be successful before, during, and after your studies at Brock! Whether you need specific academic skills support or you simply want to ensure that you are ready to study in Canada, our Sakai site is there solely to help you throughout your time with us at Brock!  

If you need assistance with any of the tools on Sakai or if you have any difficulty accessing our services, please email

Alternatively, if you are unable to meet with us in-person or online and our Sakai site does not address your question or concern, you also have the option to direct any inquiries to our email,!

Additional First-Year Student Support

Academic Coach Program

Academic Coach is a program to support first-year international students in transitioning to university and in developing the essential academic skills needed for success .

Acting as the student’s guide every step of the way, Brock International’s Academic Support Specialist can provide individualized support in the form of:

  • 1-on-1 meetings (virtual and in-person)
  • Monthly check-in meetings
  • In-Person Drop-in sessions
  • Ongoing support via email
  • Monthly Newsletters (e.g.,includes learning tips/strategies, upcoming academic events, etc.)

The best part: each student can decide which supports they want at the times that are most convenient for them!

Only new, first year students at Brock are eligible for the program.

However, this program is open to both undergraduate students AND graduate students who fit that criteria.

All eligible students should receive an email inviting them to the program 1 week before the start of the new term. 

However, if you think you are eligible but did not receive an invitation via email, please contact us at!

Skills for Success Video Modules

Have you ever wondered what are the top academic skills you will need to prepare for university in Canada? Are you not sure what the academic expectations will be in Canada?

Our Skills for Success Video Modules will not only address these questions but will also provide you with the opportunity to practice certain essential skills that you will need to be successful!

Visit our Skills for Success Video Modules website below to access our videos and helpful descriptions!